Thursday, August 13, 2009

À l'intérieur [aka Inside] (2007) - Film Review

Before I had heard anything about this French horror/thriller, I actually saw it sitting on the shelf of my local DVD outlet. I picked it up read the back and it seemed interesting; but it was released on the Dimension Extreme label here in the US, and their titles are pretty much hit or miss. I decided to wait. After having it recommended to me many times by various friends, I finally picked it up. I shouldn't have waited. Believe the hype! This movie delivers big time.

If you're into splatter and gore (especially the realistic variety), then do not hesitate to get this movie. But it offers more than that. The story was very involving, the cinematography as well as the soundtrack was excellent, there was tension and suspense in some scenes, the actors performances ranged from adequate to excellent, and the ending didn't suck. The twist ending is nothing new to the horror/thriller genre, but ever since SAW was released outlandish twist endings have become de rigueur. And speaking of twist endings another French gore movie comes to mind - HIGH TENSION. I loved HIGH TENSION and I thought the ending was interesting, but it came so far out of leftfield that it became implausible and left lots of plot holes in the story. I'm thankful to say that INSIDE manages to avoid the outlandish twist ending cliché for the most part. A very astute viewer might be able to figure out where the ending is going, but I didn't see it coming; and when it did come it was believable enough. Béatrice Dalle was fantastic and very menacing in her role as the antagonist.

Beatrice Dalle in INSIDE (2007)

For another incredible performance by her, you would do well to seek out the French indie drama/shocker, TROUBLE EVERY DAY (2001). In closing, INSIDE is a very rewarding experience for jaded gorehounds (like myself) and for adventurous arthouse lovers (with strong stomachs).

À l'intérieur (2007) - Trailer

À l'intérieur [aka Inside] (2007) Rating:
4 and a half out of 5 Tombstones: A Bone-A-Fide Crypt Licker

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